At The Crossroads Center, 

we understand exactly

what you are going through

and we know how to help.​

Asking for help is often the hardest part of making a change.​

Admission Criteria

• Adult men and women, 18 or older

• Addicted to Narcotics

• Medically able to tolerate treatment

• Substance abuse or dependency

   not requiring detoxification



Residential Services

Chaney Allen Program

The Crossroads Center's Chaney Allen Women’s Continuum of Care Program is a safe haven for women living with substance abuse, providing services in a 24 Hour residential setting structured to provide a continuum of care and includes change court.




Adult Residential Care (ARC)

The Adult Residential Care (ARC) Program is a co-ed residential program providing a wide continuum of services and support of the recovery process including Mental Health Court, Short term rehabilitation and Intensive Outpatient therapy.

Admission Criteria

  • Adult men and women, 18 or older
  • Substance abuse or dependency not requiring detoxification
  • Adults exhibiting symptoms of alcohol/drug abuse or past history of abuse

Outpatient Services

Adolescent Services

Prevention Services

The Adolescent Prevention program is based on the premise that early intervention may prevent more serious social adjustment problems. Our program aims to prevent addictions/substance abuse, substance related disorders, and other behavioral problems that place families and children at risk. The prevention setting is usually in community settings.

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General Outpatient Services


Chemical dependency can be described as any repeated drinking or drug use that interferes with one or more areas of a person's life. Research and experience have indicated that not all chemically dependent individuals require residential treatment. Outpatient chemical dependency treatment is a viable, flexible modality of treatment.


Outpatient services allow a person to maintain work, school, and/or family schedules while receiving effective treatment.  Sessions are usually one hour in length on a weekly basis but are specifically tailored to meet each client’s individual clinical needs.

Admission Criteria 


  • Adolescents 12 - 17 years old
  • Resident of Hamilton County, Ohio
  • Exhibit symptoms of alcohol and/or drug abuse or risk for substance abuse
  • Exhibit emotional and/or psychological problems in relation to a family member's chemical abuse
  • Experiencing school performance problems
  • Experiencing legal problems and aggressive behavior

The Crossroads Center is here to help our community


There are two main areas of the outpatient program: 

  • S.T.O.P. (Substance Abuse Treatment Outpatient Program)
  • SAMI (Substance Abuse & Mental Illness Program)

At The Crossroads Center, 

We Understand Exactly

What You Are Going Through

And We Know How To Help.