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The Crossroads Center is Creating opportunities for Wellness for all people

Our commitment to provide Financial Wellness tools and resources through our partnership with Key Bank was not just something we offered to our Team Members, but also to our clients and the community that we serve. Financial health is a major component in the journey of recovery. It was an honor to present a certificate of completion to one of our residents who took advantage of the opportunity we provided in Helping to Turn Lives Around financially!​

The Crossroads Center is Expanding Our Capacity to Serve

The Crossroads Center’s Medication Assisted Treatment Program (MAP) has been providing over 500 clients every day with needed critical services for their addiction to opioids.    As of February 3, 2020, our MAP Clinic will increase the hours of service to include 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm weekdays.  This expansion will make The Crossroads Center the only addiction Methadone dosing agency in the region with afternoon and evening hours.  This will create increased convenience for many of our current clients, but allow us to serve new clients who have not been able to access our services.  Our clients have expressed an interest in afternoon dosing hours due to their work and family schedules. One client said, “I work third shift so this will be great, as I can dose before I go to work.”  MAP dosing hours starting February 3 will be:  Monday6am-12pm3pm-6pm Tuesday 6am-12pm 3pm-6pm Wednesday 6am-12pm 3pm-6pm Thursday 6am-11:45am 3pm-6pm Friday 6am-12pm 3pm-6pm Saturday 6am-10am  Sunday Closed   The Medication Assisted Program’s (MAP) philosophy and objectives are to provide respectful, humane, state of the art clinical and holistic care for all of its clients. By achieving remission of addiction, the client can then focus on relearning healthy and sober coping behaviors in an effort to improve their lifestyle and once again become an integral part of their family and community. What sets MAP apart from other treatment programs is the care it provides for all of its clients, as well as other services usually not seen with this type of program. MAP, for example, provides onsite psychiatric care for many of its clients. Along with local OB-GYN clinics, it follows pregnant clients, markedly improving the health of the baby and mother. As an integral part of the broad scope of Crossroads Center programs, MAP is able to provide the level of care needed for all phases of recovery. 

The Crossroads Center takes a stance on cocaine laced with fentanyl

Due to the impact on the African American community as it relates to the recent spikes in reported cases of incidences of Cocaine Laced with Fentanyl, the County Health Commissioner, and our CEO were interviewed to share insight on what’s being done to address the crisis here in Cincinnati.​​Click here to see the news story.

The Crossroads Center steps into a new decade with hope and excitement

2019 was a year of great change and growth.  The Crossroads Center welcomed a new CEO - Jamahal C. Boyd, Sr. who led the agency to make some significant changes to structure, staffing and systems and implementing a mantra of "EXCELLENCE" in all that we do.  New energy, momentum, and strategic vision have been embraced by everyone.   In a recent communication to the team members, Mr. Boyd said, "In 2020, our vision and strategic direction is not changing, but elevating and increasing! We will continue to brand our EXCELLENCE in service delivery in all of our programmatic areas; expand our service area footprint through outreach and targeting of new clients through awareness, education, and partnerships outside of our four walls at TCC; increase our capacity to accept additional insurances to serve a wider range of clients; identify and create new programmatic offerings to greater meet the needs of our community needing our services; and a host of other exciting things that the new year will bring!" 2020 is the year that The Crossroads Center is looking to take some massive strategic steps toward implementing our mission, serving our community and becoming an innovative leader in our industry.  Stay connected with all that is happening at The Crossroads Center in 2020 by following us on Facebook and LinkedIn or subscribing to our Newsletter.    

Taking care of the people who take care of the people

The Crossroads Center has announced several exciting new benefits, incentives and process improvements provided to team members.  Jamahal C. Boyd, Sr. Chief Executive Officer, promised when he arrived at The Crossroads Center that the agency would "Take care of the people who take care of the people" and become a competitive employer of choice in the region and beyond.  Here are some significant steps taken toward fulfilling that promise.    In November, a new PPO health plan was added to the current high-deductable health plan with HSA giving team members greater choice and flexibility in their health care options. The Board of Trustees and Executive Team have approved a 3% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for all The Crossroads Team Members. This change will take place in January of 2020. Also effective January 2020, the agency will be moving to a bi-weekly pay schedule from a semi-monthly pay schedule providing more a more consistent pay schedule for team member financial planning.  A new performance appraisal system is in the works and scheduled to be launched by July 2020.  This process will become the foundation for bonuses and merit pay increases.   The Crossroads Center is moving from separate sick time and vacation time to a PTO bank that will give team members more flexibility with how they take the time off that they have earned.   Financial Wellness classes are being offered by Key Bank every month in 2020.  These classes will be offered to both The Crossroads Center team members and the community, helping us fulfill our mission to "serve our community to the best of our ability."  Class topics will include budgeting, debt management, understanding credit, investing, identity protection,  homeownership, and several others.  Finally,  The Crossroads Center team member count has increased from 64 in July to a current 79.  These additions to the team have created the margin team members need to provide EXCELLENCE as we deliver our mission.   Our team members are the epicenter of how we serve our community.   Investing in them is an investment in our mission.   If you know someone who should consider being a part of The Crossroads Center Team, point them to the careers section of our website to keep an eye on opening  which might be a fit.