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Moving the Agency Forward Through Relationship Building and Partnerships

GOD continues to bless our agency with partnerships that move the needle forward and get results! Check out these posts from our CEO's Social Media pages highlighting the connections he's made for the Agency just this month.   ​Special thanks to my new, good friend Rachael Sampson, VP, Relationship Manager of Commercial Banking with Key Bank for introducing me to Troy Parker. Troy is the owner and operates a DBE, Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services. They specialize in providing labor and cleaning services to some of the largest corporations in Cincinnati. He provides a valuable service as he predominately hires returning and second-chance citizens and provide job training, travel assistance to get to work, as well as the opportunity to earn certifications and licenses.  Our new partnership will be assisting many of our Crossroads Center clients who are in our Residential Programs, as well as those who we encounter in our outpatient areas that struggle with substance use disorder or mental/behavioral issues who are in need of employment to stay on their path to recovery. We both are so committed to getting results, that our first client is positioned to start work on Monday!  Sharing strategies for collaborative work between The Drake Center and The Crossroads Center with Prentice Lipsey, Administrator and Estella Neizer Ashun, CNO. Always a blessing to work and build/strengthen the network while we work!  Great, powerful meeting with Commissioner Victoria Parks today! It’s great to partner with and support her as she sets her agenda and carries out the legacy work of the late Commissioner Todd Portune. We are thankful to both she and Commissioner Denise Driehaus for the great work and support being provided to Hamilton County!  One of the most valuable 2-hour meetings of my day was spent with Mrs. Delores Lindsay, Founder and CEO of The HealthCare Connection. As we met to discuss opportunities to partner, I was so blessed to also have her pour her over 50+ years of infinite CEO wisdom into my spirit. I could not be more blessed by GOD to have such a wealth of resources available me to help shape me as a leader, but also as a human being! In the day in the life of, it was a blessing to stop by Cincinnati Children’s to meet up with my good friend De Asa Nichols, Supplier Diversity Manager to discuss business, opportunities, collaborative strategies and a little bit of fashion as well  As The Crossroads Center continues to serve and fulfill its mission, GOD continues to identify key partners and stakeholders that are open to exploring new ways to remove both demographic and geographic boundaries! It was such a blessing to meet with Dan Cole, AVP for St. Elizabeth’s in KY. We are looking at strategies to serve collaboratively across the bridge that separates us, but not those in need!  Great catching up with Frederick Odame, VP, Business Banking (Cincinnati/Northern KY) for PNC today! As I look at the financial strength and strategic direction of our agency, it’s important to stay ahead of trends and position our nonprofit to function like a business to ensure sustainability and independence of grant funding for survival!  GOD continues to amaze and affirm the vision HE has given around creating a holistic system to address the needs of all within the communities that we touch, but with a laser-focused approach to meet the needs of the marginalized, minority and underrepresented. Today, my COO and I met with the CEO of Cincy Smiles, Sonya Dreves to design a partnership that will tie dental care services to addiction, mental/behavioral health services. With a specific focus on meeting the needs of those from the African American, Hispanic/Latino, Appalachian and other underrepresented populations. Those who are low to no income, fall below the poverty line and have no ability to pay for the much needed dental care they struggle to access. Stay tuned! Had a great time connecting with friends and making new connections during the Cincinnati Business Courier’s Future of Healthcare Event today! Great panel discussion with a lot of opportunities to come in the future. Looking forward to more bold discussions that lead to even more collaborative and bold, holistic approaches to change in our community! As my vision for developing and implementing a holistic care model to address and eliminate substance abuse, behavioral and mental health disorders, with a focus on the African American and minority communities, GOD continues to align our agency’s agenda with the right partners in the fight. It was such a blessing to strategize with my fellow CEO, Gregory Johnson of the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) on our collaborative and mutually beneficial work needed to bring our efforts into results that positively impact the lives of those we serve! As a kid who grew up in the projects that faced all of the social challenges and pressures that lead to substance use, behavioral and mental health issues, I am intimately aware of the work that is needed outside of the four walls of my agency that are essential to be deployed in the community that will close the gaps for all people, but particularly communities of color to be successful in society. We are one piece in that process and I’m thankful to GOD to now be in the position to advocate not only with a voice of relatability but also able to play a role with great partners like Gregory and CMHA to drive change! When the VP, Area Retail Leader of Dayton & Cincinnati for Key Bank and the CEO get together to discuss business, building and brotherly support, you can expect big things to come. We supported a neighborhood business and oh, by the way, we just happen to be neighbors... We are better together!

Investing in the Financial Wellness of our Team and our Clients

On Wednesday, February 12, six clients and twenty-three Team Members from The Crossroads Center gathered for the second in a series of Financial Wellness Lunch and Learn opportunities hosted by The Crossroads Center and Key Bank.   Investing in the financial wellbeing of both our Team Members and Clients is a key part of our focus on providing holistic care for everyone.   Next month, March 11 at 12pm at The Crossroads Center, we are anticipating an even larger crowd as explore the challenging topic of, "Understanding Your Credit Score".  You can share this or RSVP by responding to our Facebook Event or just give us a call and let us know you are coming.  

A New Partnership Creates New Resources for The Crossroads center

The Crossroads Center recently received a call from David Bailey, Director of Community Benefit at St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Kentucky.  Mr. Bailey shared that they were moving offices and had some equipment to donate.  The Crossroads Center was excited to receive:  3  exam tables  1  procedure table  1  autoclave   3  exam stools   4  metal shelves   4  rolling desk chairs   4  plastic chairs   3  vinal chairs   2  trash cans   The estimated value of this donation is between $10,000 and $15,000.  This generous donation will allow The Crossroads Center to enhance our ability to care for our clients and serve our mission.  We want to thank St. Elizabeth Healthcare and specifically David Bailey for thinking of The Crossroads Center and making this donation possible.   If you or your organization is looking for a way to make a difference and support our mission of Helping People Turn Their Lives Around, consider connecting with The Crossroads Center.

Celebrating with our Community Leaders  

On Friday, February 7, 2020, The Crossroads Center supported the 71st Annual Urban League of Greater Southwest Ohio Glorifying the Lions Luncheon.  We had the chance to hear a message of vision from the new President and CEO, Eddie L. Koen, receive greetings from Cincinnati Mayor, John Cranley, and others, as well as celebrated the induction of four new "Lions" into the Legendary Lions Society.   The Lions Award is based on an African proverb that says, "Until the lions have their own historian, tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter."  The Lions Award recognized often unsung heroes in our community who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to serving the citizens of the Greater Southwestern Ohio community.  This year's Lions are: Jim Anderson - former Cincinnati Bengals coach for 29 years now Chairman of the Donald Spencer Reading Academy.  Rev. Dr. Donald E. Jones, Sr. - Pastor of The Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist Church.Susan Noonan - full-time volunteer with the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission and co-chair of the Mayor's Gender Equality Task Force. Kathy Wade - singer and entertainer who co-founded Learning Through Art.  It was a blessing for The Crossroads Center to connect, network and celebrate with so many of our region's leaders.  "It is our shared vision for healthy, vibrant and successful communities that drives our collaborative missions." - Jamahal C. Boyd, Sr., CEO  

A New Healthcare Employee Assistance Program for Team Members and Their Families

We are pleased to announce, effective February 1, 2020, the addition of a new free benefit for Team Members and their family members: an Employee Assistance Program -- or EAP, for short. Your EAP offers a broad array of tools and services to help with problems that might affect your personal or work life. Just a few examples of these include: Marriage & Family, Stress, Legal Problems, Debt, Childcare, Elder Care, Grief,Pet Problems, Education Planning, Scholarships, Depression, Taxes, Wills,Smoking Cessation, Wellness, Adoption, Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Divorce In addition, your EAP offers hundreds of personal and professional development opportunities, from trainings, to one-on-one telephonic coaching in the following areas: Certified Financial Coaching, Balancing Life at Work & Home, Resilience, Effective Communication, Home Purchasing, Student Debt, Yoga & Relaxation for Beginners,Workplace Conflict, Retirement, Succeeding as a Supervisor Your EAP also provides a comprehensive Wellness Coaching benefit designed to help you tackle issues that are most detrimental to your overall health and well-being.  The program includes assistance with: Losing weight, Improving Nutrition, Getting Fit, Stopping Tobacco Use, and Reducing Stress. The implementation of this FREE Employee Assistance Program is yet another example of the fulfillment of the agencies promise to, "Take Care of the People Who Take Care of the People."​