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Fox19 Covers Covid-19 Testing for Team Members and Residential Patients

Thanks to our partnership with the Hamilton County Health Department and LabCorp, on May 19-20, 2020, The Crossroads Center was able to offer COVID-19 testing to all Team Members and Patients within either Residential program – Chaney Allen or ARC. While the testing is not mandatory, it was highly encouraged that all Team Members and/or residents opt-in for testing. This initial round of testing was necessary for our Agency to identify a baseline of the infection status of our Team Members and incumbent residents under our care.   Team members and/or Patients were eligible to receive the test at no cost through their insurance coverage. The Crossroads Center covered the cost of testing for any team member or patient that did not have insurance coverage.   Fox 19 came by to capture the story.  Check out their coverage by clicking the link below.

Maintaining Your Brand During Crisis

 Recently, the CEO of The Crossroads Center was interviewed by Mark Hayes on his podcast called, "The Brand Central Podcast."  Mr. Boyd was invited to share about how he is leading the Agency through this challenging time of COVID-19 and how he has been able to maintain his brand and the brand of the agency.  Mr. Boyd shared that he manages personal and professional challenges by balancing them on a foundation of The Mission.  He said, "You are your brand."   Listen to the whole conversation by clicking the link below. ​

Thank You for The Donation of Critical Supplies During This Time

The Crossroads Center would like to extend its appreciation and thanks to Matthew 25 Ministries for the donation of supplies that are helping us continue to serve our Mission and community.  These cleaning and protective supplies will allow our team to maintain a healthy and safe environment for all whom we interact with at The Crossroads Center.  Both agencies are in the business of "Helping People Turn Their Lives Around" and The Crossroads Center is so appreciative of the work that Matthew 25 Ministries has done, is doing and will continue to do in Cincinnati and beyond.  ​

Balancing Life During Challenging Times

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has forced all of us to face many challenges that we did not anticipate and that have had unexpected consequences. Some of you have shared with me the financial, physical, emotional, social, professional, spiritual, and relational burdens that you are facing. I want you to know that your Board, CEO and Executive Leadership cares! The Executive Leadership Team and I meet daily to review and discuss how we can support and encourage each of you during this time.  A personal philosophy of mine that has helped me to balance my own personal and professional challenges is represented in the diagram above. This has become especially meaningful to me during times like these. We are all complicated and multifaceted creatures with any number of factors competing for our time, energy, and attention. We all carry our own set of PERSONAL issues, identities, and challenges and perhaps those have been highlighted during this crisis. We also carry our individual PROFESSIONAL identities, expectations and dreams, which likely are being disrupted by COVID-19. Balancing all of this can be a real challenge without the proper foundation. For me, that foundation is being grounded in the MISSION. Remembering who we are, why we exist, and what we have been called to do is the thing that keeps my own personal and professional challenges from getting out of balance. I hope that this encouragement, along with the many ways The Crossroads Center is “Taking Care Of The People Who Are Taking Care Of The People” (see below), is a blessing to you and helpful in your own journey to live out your life MISSION.  ​

The Crossroads Center Coronavirus (COVID-19) Agency Update